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Nika Kozar

Njeno življenje je že od nekdaj tesno povezano z naravo in gibanjem.

Nika Kožar has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology. Her life has always been closely linked to nature and movement. Formerly a top triathlete, she has achieved many great results in her sporting career, both at home and abroad. She has been a national champion several times, and as a member of the Slovenian national team, she has also represented Slovenia very successfully at international competitions. She remained very active after her sporting career ended, and remains so today. Whatever the season, she spends her free time being active with friends in nature, in the mountains, and even more preferably on the sea.

She was completely taken by scuba diving and found what she was looking for here. She progressed very quickly from a beginner. Just a few months after her first dive, she easily reached a depth of 40m. And with experience, its progress continues steadily. Deep down, she feels completely relaxed and free. There you forget time and merge with the moment.

As an instructor, she aims to introduce students to the world of scuba diving in a safe and relaxed way. He wants to teach them and prepare them for safe and relaxed dives. He also makes extensive use of his knowledge of sports science. As a Master in Kinesiology, she has a detailed knowledge of how the body works in different environments (depth,…) and how to prepare physically and mentally for breath-hold diving.



a year of experience


Course participants

50 +


100 m



5 min 15 s



Personal bests in competitions:

  • STA 5min15s, Ljubljana 2022
  • CWTB 42m, Dahab 2022
  • CNF 100m, Maribor 2023


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