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Experience days

One of the biggest freediving festivals in Europe will take place in Croatia! For many years now, Experience Days has brought together the whole freediving community - beginners, advanced, enthusiasts or competitors - for a weekend full of activities on land and in the water. The number of participants for Experience Days 2024 is once again limited to 150, as in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. The event has been held in Germany all year, but we have now moved the event to Croatia.


20.09.2024 – 26.09.2024 (3 to 7 days – you decide how long!)

Basic term: 20. 9. – 22. 9. (3 days of diving).

Optional term: 23. 9. – 26. 9. (4 days of diving).

All participants will be present for the first three days from 20. until 22. 9. It is possible to extend for additional days from 23.9. until 26.9. if desired, up to a maximum of 7 days in total.


Malinska – Krk – Croatia(google maps)

Join us for an unforgettable freediving experience in the deep blue waters of the northern Adriatic Sea. Enjoy daily deep diving training, free diving on wrecks, caves, beautiful cliffs and unlimited freedom in crystal clear water. Put yourself in the hands of experienced instructors and discover your full potential, learn new skills and master your technique. Suitable for beginners and advanced divers.

Autumn daily temperatures: 20-23°C
Autumn night temperatures: 15-18°C
Water temperature: 19-22°C

Organiser Jure Daić

– AC Instructor
– holder of 17 national records in breath diving and 7 times national champion
– first Slovenian to dive below -100m


The programme is held in English. Theoretical and practical workshops will be led by Slovenian and German instructors. All workshops take place in several sessions during the first 3 days of the main term and then during the 4 days of the optional additional terms. The number of participants per workshop is limited. Depending on preferences and interest, it can be adjusted how often a workshop will be held.


Night diving is a great experience for most divers. During night dives, we explore some of the underwater sights in a pairs system. A relaxed atmosphere, immersion in the dark – the appeal of night diving. Includes: dive planning; practical instruction; signals with a dive torch; pair safety; sightseeing.


Put yourself in the hands of experts and improve your depth potential. With the advice of experienced trainers, you will achieve good deep relaxation in optimal conditions. The dives are accompanied by the H2O Team and Apnea College. INCLUDES: Mental preparation for the dive; Improving swimming technique in depth; Relaxation in depth; Safety systems; Pressure equalization techniques in depth.


There are many exciting shipwrecks and underwater caves to explore. As a basis, theoretical lectures will first be given on the rules, safety and special features of diving in the more challenging conditions presented by wrecks and caves. This will be followed by practical dives under more stringent safety rules. There is a choice of sites with different levels of difficulty suitable for beginners, advanced and very experienced divers. Includes: theory and safety; boat trips; underwater photography and video; dives at attractive sites.

Wrecks: Malinska, Fuska, Peltastis, Lina.

Caves: Cres Blue Cave, First Tunnel.


The spearfishing workshop is for all divers who have no experience in spearfishing and would like to give it a try. First you have to learn the theory in a dry workshop, followed by practice in the water. Includes: Theory and safety; Rules and legislation; Demonstration and learning of the shallow surprise technique; Target shooting.


In this workshop you will learn how to use underwater photography equipment correctly. How to take the perfect photo, what to look out for underwater and why divers can take breathtaking and fascinating photos. What the perfect lighting conditions are and how to use them underwater. Learn how to capture the most beautiful moments in the water in your photos. Includes: Introduction; Practical tips; Photography equipment; Underwater photography; Diving and photography.


This workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to gain knowledge of general first aid and diving medicine. Here you will learn everything you need to know about first aid measures. COVERS: Typical health risks; Decompression sickness; Deep drunkenness; First aid/oxygen administration; Treatment of a diving accident.


Various exercises suitable for stretching and breathing (yoga, etc.).CONTAINS: Introduction; Practical tips; Stretching exercises; Breathing exercises.


Fun diving workshop, where we take all the effort out of classic freediving and just let go with the flow, or in this case, the scooter. For those who want to try light diving, spin underwater and play like a dolphin. Includes: theory and safety; learning about potential dangers; diving for fun.


This workshop will give you a taste of one of the more exciting disciplines in the world of diving. Through a preliminary theoretical introduction on land, you will learn the complete technique of performing sledge dives in a variable-weight technique. The entire dives are accompanied by an instructor. Includes: theory and safety; sledge construction and functions; sledge dives to depth.


The timetable is the same for all 7 days. Each day you can attend the workshops of your choice.

8:00-9:00: Morning gathering – relaxation, breakfast and start of the day

9:00-10:00: Workshops on land 1- e.g. 10-10am – 10am – 10am – 10am – 10am – 10am – 10am.

10:30-12:30: In-water workshops 1, such as deep-sea diving, boat trips, wreck diving, sightseeing tours, scooter rides, etc.

12:30-14:00: Midday break – time for a deep breath and to recharge your batteries.

14:00-15:00: Workshops on land 2, e.g.Lectures, theory, yoga, stretching, etc.

16:00-18:00: In-water workshops 2- such as deep-sea diving, boat trips, wreck diving, sightseeing, scooter rides, etc.

19:00 onwards: Beach Bar Paradajz get-together – Our evening get-together with drinks, chat, music and much more.

Prvic Tunnel


400 € for 3 days (20.-22.9.)

100 €/day for up to 4 days (23.-26.9.) option. Additional days can be paid locally at € 100/day up to 26.9.2024.

– rental of certain equipment by prior arrangement and prior notice

– weights rental

– theoretical workshops

– practical workshops where no car or boat transport is required

– professional guidance

– lectures and instruction

– equipment purchase advice and discounts

– individual advice on training and progression

Scooter Freediving; beginner level; up to max -10m

For diving at workshops or sites that require transport by boat or car, an extra charge is applicable.

Variable weights; advanced level; up to max -60m (10EUR extra for boat and sledge)

Fusco wreck; starting level; -11m to -16m (5EUR extra charge per car)

Peltastis wreck; advanced level; -15m to -33m (5EUR extra per car)

Lina from wreck; top level; -28m to -35m (20EUR surcharge per boat)

Cres Blue Cave; advanced level; -10m to 15m + 15m DYN (15EUR surcharge per boat)

First Tunnel Cave; top level; -15m + 30m DYN (20EUR extra for boat)

Transfer from Krk Airport to the apartments by individual arrangement.

– transport

– food

– accommodation

We propose to accommodate participants in the brand new Green Apartments, which are located in the immediate vicinity of the workshop venue. The distance from the apartments to the Experience Days location is approx. 200m. We have a discount code for all participants, which they will receive upon registration. See more at: https://malinskagreen.com.

Information and reservations:
Jure Daic Instructor of scuba diving and spearfishing
jure.daic@apnea-college.de, info@h2oteam.com
Viber or WhatsApp +386/31-827-392

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further assistance.