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Diving and fishing courses

Freediving for primary school children

There are many pitfalls to freediving that are good to learn at the beginning of your diving path.

PSS Apnea instructor course

Do you have a desire to pass on knowledge and are already achieving high goals in scuba diving? Become a PSS Instructor!

Advanced practical spearfishing course

Get hands-on with all the advanced tricks, strategies and techniques that can go beyond 10m depth and bring the ultimate gourmet delights to your table.

Beginner practical spearfishing course

Learn safe handling of weapons on land and in the water, fishing techniques suitable for beginners up to a depth of 10m, how to protect each other and how to avoid dangerous situations as a precaution.

Theoretical spearfishing course

Learn all the secrets and techniques and the specifics of fishing for each fish species.

Advanced freediving course

Do you want to achieve results above recreational level in inspiration diving? Learn advanced breathing techniques and pressure equalisation at great depths when conventional equalisation fails, and many other practical things that are particularly important in apnoea intensification.

Beginner freediving course

Learn safe and correct freediving, which includes, among other things, learning to breathe correctly, psychological preparation for the dive, pressure equalization, prolonging the time underwater and the depth of the dive, and rescuing survivors.