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Learn safe handling of weapons on land and in the water, fishing techniques suitable for beginners up to a depth of 10m, how to protect each other and how to avoid dangerous situations as a precaution.



About the course


The practical beginner fishing course is designed to teach you how to fish safely, correctly and successfully. It is designed for less experienced hunters who will learn how to handle the rifle on dry land (maintenance, servicing, optimisation) and in the water (safety, dexterity, correct use, aiming). The aim is for the students to learn beginner fishing techniques (shallow surprise, shallow hold, combination of techniques), which are carried out at shallower depths and do not exceed 10m. While learning how to hunt successfully, there is a strong emphasis on safety, where the aim is to teach students how the sport can be practiced with maximum safety. This includes taking care of your own safety, protecting your fellow passengers and how to avoid dangerous situations in advance so they don't happen at all.


  • 12 hours (2 days, 2 times 3 hours practical exercises).
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What's included?

  • Instructions,
  • gum,
  • Fuel,
  • expert guidance,
  • 1 instructor per 4 participants in the sea course,
  • max. 8 students


All students must have completed a theoretical fishing course and be over 16 years of age. To ensure safety, they must have completed the PSS Freediver Initial Breathing Diving Course or equivalent level from another diving school. The purchase of an HR licence for sea fishing is at the students' own risk and is not included in the price. All students must be members of the H2O team.


The following dates are available for the practical spearfishing course.

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Course syllabus

The course involves systematically learning how to fish in practice, from the first steps on dry land to successful fishing. These include:
  • maintenance, servicing and optimisation of the dry gun,
  • safety, skill and correct use of guns when fishing,
  • Target acquisition, testing different models of rifles,
  • learning hunting techniques by demonstration and debugging on the polygon,,
  • learning to surprise hunt up to approx. 5-6m,
  • learning to hunt on hold until approx. 10m,
  • correcting mistakes in practical fishing,
  • correcting mistakes in practical fishing,
  • shallow diving with a diving partner,
  • security, rescue and first aid.

Course highlights

Teaching plan

About the instructors

The courses are held under the supervision of Jureto Daić, an international PSS Instructor Instructor Breathing Diving Coach and Apnea-College Underwater Fishing Instructor. The practical parts of the course can be taught by more than one instructor, if necessary.

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