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WC Slovenia official result update

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    Jure Daić

    I went beck to my work because I didn’t get day free. Now I watch results very nervous to see if I come to B finals.

    I see my brains don’t work good after STA max. They are not ready for intellectual work. :? 😆




    Congratulations Jure!

    I can belive you have some trouble to concentrate on your work after STA competiotion. Anyway, see you afternoon!


    Jure Daić

    VIIIIIII!!! I will make it to the B finals! :D :D :D





    Men needed about 7 min and females same as in renens: about 5.23


    Nicolas SUI 7.21

    Stig DK 7.15

    Ales Slo 7.05

    Tomek PL 7.02

    Antero FIN 6.59

    Ryozo JP 7.21

    Peter SWE 7.07

    Herbert AU 7.13



    Lotta SWE 6.25

    Jessica USA 6.03

    Elizabeth NO 5.52

    Johanna FIN 5.35

    Natalja RU 5.32

    Phoebe GRE 5.31

    Karla CRO 5.24

    Kathryn NZ 5.22



    Jure Daić

    On the offficial website are no resolts from the last heat.


    It’s OK now!



    B finals over.

    Run very smoothly.

    Video coverage on big screen.

    carlos C brings 187 to the a final resultlist.

    Luka P from Slo won the heat and took 9th position overal.

    Ryoza second = 10th

    Lotta could not repeat 150.

    Lidija from Cro did 150 claiming 9th overall



    Natalia 205 WR

    Elizabeth adding 18 meters to PB 174 SECOND

    Alena CZ BO 195




    Mitja seting of like a rocket. 175.

    Stig and Alexey side by side.

    Turning at 200.

    Stig slowing down seeing Alexey coming up at 213

    Stig right after 216.

    Henning still in the water slow slow coming up third postion.

    LMC – doing two removals of goggles but in the right order in the end.

    White card.

    Winram 203

    Per 100

    Weine 163

    Carlos 178




    We have a protest regarding Henning Larsens performance.

    Winrams coach claiming Henning dipped his mouth and had Post Bo movements.

    Judging Henning was one of the least experinced judges Melita CRO.

    Standing beside her seeing Henning I knew it was going to be a agonizing task.

    In my opinion she should have given RED and let Henning protest in order to see the video.

    Winrams coach means Winram did a STRONG dive of 203 and think he deserves a third place. Does not want to see the bronze medal go because of a judge error.

    The judges are meeting as we speak. And it all comes down to the video. If the video is good I think Protest will be accepted, if the video is bad he will get benefit of doubt.

    Hopefully this will not come down to the competence of the videographer.




    Protest accepted.

    RED card henning.

    Henning is protesting.

    I guess he wants to see the video, which is good.

    I think he should see it and be able to judge for himself.

    Thats probably worth 50 euro as evaluation.



    No, 2nd protest not accepted. RED card Henning.



    Half the competition is done. Three events out of six.

    The finals last night was probably the most Competitionlike thing our community has delivered when it comes to audience appeal.

    Lots of people in the audience stand: full screen video, music, journalists (mostly slovenian, russian and japaneese), interviews with winners on the screen, speakers in several langaguages.

    And the actual organization functioned close to perfect: impressive seeing 16 safetydivers all on standby in neat lines in the water as the persentation of the athletes in the finals was out in the loudspeakers.

    Judging 8 lanes is tricky – but it works. Its all about the athletes “making it easy for the judges to judge them”.

    Great performances by the athletes, many NR. Of course some athletes are missed, and some of our favourites dissapeared in the qualifications:

    STA misses Natalie, maldame and Timo in the finals.

    Of course Tom is missed, but the quality of the results are good, and the drama is here.

    For a moment I thought Natalja made a misstake with 5.32 in STA qual, but I guess she knew exactly what she was doing.

    The big question today is if Stig can do something about a well rested herbert (mostly walking around smiling). The mens third place is the most interesting today, as is the females second place: can Lotta deliver again (earpain) or will our new star Elizabeth make yet another great leap in PB. And what can Karal do?

    Dont forget to check out:



    from the very busy administraton centre



    Old Deron still going strong 7.02 winner of B finals. 9th postion.

    repeating his achievement from renens, more or less.

    He waited out the greek Alexis at 7 min

    William bailing out saving himself for DNF

    Carlos was still doing warm up breathhold on the other side of the pool at start of countdown. bailed out at about 3 min.

    Women as expected Claudia Rollero SUI winner of B finals.

    Liv Philips a GB record around 5.30.



    ooh my god.

    This was a thriller.

    Women poping up before 6 minutes.

    Jessica Wilson USA at 6 sharp finishing third.

    Natalia fighting hands on ledge,feet down.

    But Lotta E still lying cool, not moving.

    Lotta set her mind to do minimum 3 min contractions.

    Ending up adding 20 secs to her old WR PB coming up at 6.49

    Natalia fooling us all, just contuning fighting like another day at the office.

    8 minutes WR.

    She has set Wr everytime she enters water in all championships.



    So the men.

    I had been (as a speaker) favourizing herbert and Stig and expecting a good performance from Ryouza.

    I was way of target.

    The well rested Herbert did not find the feelgoodfactor. 7.03

    Stig feeling weak on purpose failing SP

    Then heads poping up everywhere Ales SLO at 7 Ryozo at 7.03.

    Left in the pool NEW NAMES.

    Peter Boivie sweden adding to NR and PB 7.10 3rd

    Tomek finishing 2nd 7.15

    and at the end of the pool Nicolas Guerry 7.34.

    Freediving and most of all static is a mystery today solved by three very surprised athletes.



    Last year 114 was needed for the A finals. This year 132. Alexey took the last position. Biggest surprise Nazoki JP 143.

    Three Slovenians nearly made it to the A final (JUrex2 and Mitja BO or close).

    Stig looked strong at 153. Henning and William around 140. Henning pushing himself, somewhat easier for William. Yajac and Swedish Larsson at 134 both.

    William and Stig the strongest.

    Women have improved immensly, while men are BOing right and left ‘ women usuallz come up on the right side (same as in DYN).

    112 needed for finals this year.

    Junko improving alot setting PB NR with 112. Johanna shaping up in the last discipline ready to defend her 2nd position from last year. Alena (DyN BO 195) now 116 DNF joining Karla and Jarmilla in the A final. Lidijc 119 and Eva 116 makes up the eight. Oh and of course Natalja with an easy 117.

    Who will take second tomorrow.

    I have no idea.





    Danes protest Lidija Lijic 119 meters. Claims it was post BO.

    If won she is out of finals and Maria Livberg 110 meters is in.

    My guess – the protest will go through.

    This is quite a new thing with athletes protesting each other. They feel very bad about it, both William and Maria but they claim they do not want to be beaten by another athlete with a “bad” dive.

    I think its a good thing sometimes judges are very unsure and give benefit of doubt – with a protest they (and the whole judge group) gets a second chance to correct a misstake – or not.



    Looking at the startlist for tomorrow and trying to predict anything is very hard.

    Of course there is Stig and Natalja, but then who. It could go any way in places 2-8.

    And the B finals aswell is going to be a thriller. Most people having done PB yesterday so we do not know where their limit is.


    Jure Daić

    Yesterday we saw too many BO’s. I newer saw so many in one competition. I think the reason was too many competitors tried to reach the finals. All new that +125m is needed and it was obviously too much for some of us.

    Impressive is Danish team 8 competitors in the finals. Slovenian team was also good all 4 competitor did at least 125m but with 2 BO, which is not good. If Štampfer wouldn’t had BO Mulchanov wouldn’t make it to the finals,…

    Waiting for new world champion and new WR from Nataly.


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