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MAN III – 3. Hungarian Apnea Day – 2006.10.13-14.

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    I’m happy to tell you, that there will be a 3. Hungarian Apnea Day.

    It will be in Hajdúszoboszló at 13-14th of October.


    13th evening: DNF (DYF)

    14th morning: STA

    14th afternoon: DYF (DNF)

    Pool: 50m, flat.

    Reg. fee: 20EUR.

    Registration deadline: 7th of October.

    Webpage will be released soon here: http://www.aida-hungary.hu/eng/level3.php?pg_id=5&ma_id=7&pr_id=120

    I hope 2 see you there!



    Hey Jee

    I see you went for 2 days. Thats good. Will it be in the same pool as last year?

    Of course we will try to attned in a greater nubmer than last year because the comp was realy nice and fun.

    Wish you good luck organizing.




    this time, the competition will be in another place, which means plus 300km in distance for you. :( The good news is, that this plus is all highway – which you can use with the same matrica as i.e. until Székesfehérvár. (Matrica is for a time period, not for distance, and the smallest is enough: 4 days.)

    The pool is also very nice, and we will try to learn from our mistakes of MAN II. So it should be better. Also we try to collect more sponsors, than last time, so we hope, we can give more and more valuable prizes fro the lucky winners.

    The town of Hajdószoboszló is famous for it’s thermal baths also (if someone needs more water :)).

    Also: the judges question is still open – a great opportunity for the new judges of Slovenia! :)

    C U there!


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