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General comments on training days

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    Second training day and registration. Most athletes have arrived and staying at the same hostel. The 20 japaneese, loads of judges and Anders Larsson from Aland has a 4 man support teamwith him from the little island betwen finland and Sweden. DYN talented Johanna from Finland has taken judge Kimmo on serious downhill biking. Herbert, Stig, Winram and Carlos walking around looking confident.

    Most debated subject – what will it take to reach the finals?

    Just to clarify – the B finals will only be a question of places 9-16.

    A finals compete for the first 8 places. I you fail in the finals you can not use your result from the qualifications.

    The pool is excellent, both 50 and 25 meters. There is a troblesome ledge thought. AThletes might have to touch above to get the full 50 (which might be trouble for some).

    Tomorrow last training and opening cermony. There is a festival in the town which makes the atmosphere a bit more “happy”




    Stig thinks its too hot in the swimming hall. He is also concerned about ventilation and talks to Sandi about opening windows. Elizabeth is not happy with last training session even though she has adevoted coach in dutch Daan. She doesnt realy seem to get over 5 in STA) – but she is used to bad “dress-rehearsals”, she admits being very competetive and hope that she will wake up when the he count down starts.

    My guess is that it might not be needed to get over 6 to get to the womens final. Lotta is over 6 in training (as is USA Wilson) and Natalie has touched 7 in training. Add Natalja and Mcphee (NZ) to this list and I think we see the A finals.

    Danish Timo is happy training mostly empty lungs where he manages more than 3.

    Tomorrow is DYN qualifications. Our freediving star Nery is happy to “just” get into the B finals.


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Prikaz 2 prispevkov - od 1 do 2 (od skupno 2)
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