H2O team potapljanje

Safe breathing diving:

9 mistakes that can
you stay at the bottom forever

A guide that will educate you on the most common mistakes made by breath-hold divers,
together with advice on how to avoid these risks in practice.

Jure Daič

I am Jure Daić, the first Slovenian to dive deeper than 100m and the President of the H2O Team Sports Association. I have been involved in scuba diving for more than 17 years as a competitor and instructor.

As an internationally recognised instructor, I have trained more than 2,500 students since 2004. I have also passed on my knowledge to a new generation of many riders who have reached the very top of the world.

Often the first question I get from those interested in the sport is:

"Jure, aren't you afraid that one day you'll stay downstairs?".

I explain to everyone that, thanks to the right knowledge, my diving today is much safer than the shallow dives I used to do with my father as a self-taught diver.

I've combined my experience and that of my fellow travellers into a handbook that tells you:

9 mistakes that could cost you your life

Tips on how to avoid these risks in practice

Answering the most important question ''When is the right time to return safely to the surface?''


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