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Learn safe and correct freediving, which includes, among other things, learning to breathe correctly, psychological preparation for the dive, pressure equalization, prolonging the time underwater and the depth of the dive, and rescuing survivors.

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About the course


In the beginner freediving course, you will learn how to:
  • breath correctly,
  • psychological preparation for the dive,
  • to equalise the pressure,
  • to extend the time, length and depth of the dive, and how to
  • rescue casualties.
Achieve minimum results in statics (1min 30sec), dynamics (40m) and depth (-10m).


  • Theoretical part: 9 hours (6 hours of video lectures and 3 hours of traditional lectures or videoconferences)
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques: 2 hours
  • Swimming pool: 3 hours
  • Sea: 6 hours
More detailed information is provided below.

What's included?

  • Lectures,
  • scripts and video lectures in Slovenian,
  • borrowing missing equipment,
  • access to the swimming pool,
  • PSS freediver international licence,
  • Diploma,
  • expert guidance:
    • 1 instructor per 3 participants in the sea course (exception: 4 participants)
    • 1 instructor for up to max 6 participants in the pool


All students must be over 15 years of age and have swimming skills. All students must be members of the H2O Team.


The following dates are available for the beginner's course. You will be able to register for a specific date after registering for the course in the online classroom. The courses are exactly the same in terms of content, whether they are held in one piece at sea or separately with theory + pool in Slovenia and separate practice at sea, the only difference is in the timetable of the course.

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Course highlights

Teaching plan

About the instructors

The courses are held under the supervision of Jureto Daić, an international PSS Instructor Instructor Breathing Diving Coach and Apnea-College Underwater Fishing Instructor. The practical parts of the course can be taught by more than one instructor, if necessary.

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